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Motorcycle Wobble Tips

If your motorcycle is loaded improperly or the tire pressure is incorrect a wobbling problem may arise with your motorcycle. When a wobble occurs the front wheel and handlebars suddenly start to shake from side to side at any speed.

Motorcycle Wobble Tips

The following motorcycle wobble tips should help you control the problem:

Step 1: Grip the handlebars firmly, but do not fight the wobble.

Step 2: Close the throttle gradually to slow down. Do not apply the brakes; braking could make the wobble worse.

Step 3: Move your weight as far forward and down as possible.

Step 4: Pull off the road as soon as you can to fix the problem.

Many riders will tend to fight the wobble which usually results in the front wheel being turned to sharply back in forth. This results in the rider dumping the motorcycle when he or she over-steers the motorcycle.